Atelier Mosaicozette, founded in 2009, works with mosaic graduates of the School of Friuli Mosaicists “Irene di Spilimbergo” in Italy.

After having obtained their degree some of them completed a year of training, during which they were commissioned to make their first works and started to organize exhibitions on behalf of  Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, including one at the Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome.

From 2007 until 2009 a couple of exhibitions were organized in Ravenna, Trieste and Bordano, and in a collaboration with a Paduan workshop they created several works commissioned by an American client who wanted to adorn his villa in Los Angeles.

On the ground of having fulfilled the same training they decided in June 2009 to found their common workshop, « L’Atelier Mozaicozette » in Wissous in the surroudings of Paris. In this shared place each of them can develop his/her own art and explore towards different directions.

Several years of plastic and conceptual research blossomed into creating new technics, including for example silver photography printed on smalt or the baking of smalt mosaic on clay. Besides traditional materials like smalt and marble the use iron, copper, wood, resin, ashes, etc. They create for any art lovers who would visit their exhibitions but also for interior designers or individuals carrying out decoration works indoor or outdoor.

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